Delicious Pokémon

Pokémon (Pokémons? Pokémen?) are well-known. While some cards are a bit ridiculous looking, a few cards look, in my opinion, delicious. Who wouldn’t like a plate of roasted Tepig or an Oddish salad? Here are a few Pokémon that I think look positively scrumptious. Of course, all of these delicious specimens are cat-friendly.

  • Torchic:

This would practically be a really hard to cook chicken. Despite the fact that it would take a Charizard to cook it, the meat would be nice and tender. The feet could be used in chicken noodle soup, seeing as they’re so big and have a fair amount of meat on them.

  • Pidgeotto

The Pidgeotto would taste good thanks to the strength of its wing muscles. It’s quite large, making it a leaner alternative to turkey.

  • Tauros

Tauros has muscles from running all day long. The tails could be rather good, but they’re probably too thin to be served alone.

  • Gyarados

Gyarados is a HUGE Pokémon. If served properly, this could be great in sushi or as a substitute for eel.

  • Sawsbuck

It has muscles and enough fat to make it a hearty meal. It closely resembles a deer, and can probably be served like one. Only issue is what to do with the leaves on its antlers.

  • Bunnelby

A Bunnelby is like a strong rabbit. The crunchy ears would probably be a delicacy, since they would have a good amount of muscles. I suspect the legs would be treated like drumsticks because of their shape. Like rabbit, it would probably be served in stews or just cooked in the oven.

  • Clauncher

This Pokémon is pretty much a lobster. The claw meat, according to the Pokédex, is a delicacy. Also, if a claw falls off, it’ll regenerate. Seems like an infinite source of food to me!

  • Barraskewda

Like the Gyarados, Barraskewda would be used as an eel substitute. Since the Pokémon is a fish and most likely has thinner bones, the whole creature could be eaten. The bone-like plating on its sides could be a nice addition to a soup, giving it a fishy flavor (if used properly, of course).

Days of Fun

I usually wake up a bit late, around 8:00, so I wanted to get up a bit earlier. I decided to sleep on the couch, assuming Poet would wake me up at 7 or 8. Getting my stuff (I already arranged the couch), I went to the living room to find Poet laying down on my blanket. I laid down, and Poet proceeded to curl up at my side. She woke me up at 2:00 in the morning, a bit earlier for my liking. Poet had gotten up to stretch, but before I could get up, she laid next to me again. I woke up a second time when my dad began working with his colleagues on a call. Being bored, I gave Poet some food, got her harness, and went outside with her. It was 5:45-ish in the morning, so no one was out yet. Poet and I explored a bit, finding a rabbit that didn’t seem to care that it was in the middle of a sidewalk. Poet tried to get closer to it, but I picked her up and brought her back to our side of the street. When I put her down, she began to walk towards a short trail near our apartment. Together, we went down the trail, where there was a pond at the end. We eventually walked back home, getting back at around 7:00. I spent the rest of the day mainly playing with Poet, nothing really interesting.

Gilded Cage

A while ago, my family got a rather large cat enclosure. It slightly resembles a bird cage, with its long bars and lockable doors. We keep it mainly on our balcony, a place Poet loves to nap. Due to certain rules within our neighborhood, she isn’t permitted to walk alone outside. With our three story cat enclosure, however, she can take naps outside and watch the birds fly to and fro. The balcony wall makes it so she can only look outside from the top floor, making it her favorite napping place. Poet also has this tendency to climb the metal bars of the enclosure, both from the inside and outside. The enclosure is a bit taller than I am, which means when Poet climbs to the top, it’s difficult to reach her. It’s easier to get to her when she’s inside. She has her top platform on one side, and she’s climbing the other side. Usually, Poet does this to get our attention or to swat small insects, such as the occasional fly or moth. She realizes that the enclosure is a confined space, but she treats it like a privilege, unlike when we first introduced her to it. Upon setting her eyes on it, Poet immediately came up to it, sniffed it, and proceeded to lick herself. We tried to place her instead, and she walked straight out. Eventually, she became used to it, or perhaps she merely tolerates it so she can watch the local wildlife.

Poet Has Arrived


This is my website where I’ll be putting pictures of my pet cat, Poet. Aside from being the fuzzy fluff-ball that she is, Poet also enjoys publicity. Here, all comments are welcome, that is, unless the almighty Poet has something against them. Feel free to explore, I don’t have an uploading schedule so you may want to check from time to time. Anyways, that’s all I have to say, so see you later!