What the Heck Am I Doing

Hi! I’m a student who enjoys reading, writing, and gaming.

I undertook this project with my father, who taught me the basics of setting up a website (which I forgot a total of 2 days after I set this one up). It started out with meĀ  writing about my cat, Poet, but I have since decided to instead write about anything that holds my attention for more than 20 minutes.

I’m terrible at keeping a schedule outside of school, so I don’t have an upload schedule. I will, however, write as often as I can be bothered to, so hopefully I won’t go ANOTHER 6 months without a new post (it’s happened twice so far).

Also, this whole website is pretty much just so I can keep track of stuff, cos my memory is shit. Don’t be surprised if my writing is terrible, it’s not an assignment, and if it’s not an assignment, I do not care.