Hello! This is my explanation for not doing squat on this website for the past 6 months, and it’s rather simple.

I tried something new, figured my family would get mad at me for swearing and writing about, well, anything that’s on my mind. It’s annoying knowing that my family can easily view my writing, and also that they could share it. Say what you will, but I prefer my privacy and anonymity.

I’ve decided that instead of writing about the devil that is my cat, I could center the blog around games and other sh*t (I know that’s technically a swear, but in my defense, it’s only 3/4s of one with the asterisk).

I’ve checked the blog approximately 10 times since my last post, and I thought about writing more, then I decided against it. The whole “accountability” thing where you say you’ll do this or that and have someone else practically guilt you into upholding it never really helped me. It’s unnecessary stress and I figure anything you don’t do for fun is going to be miserable and quite frankly useless.

So, I’m not going to constrict myself to a schedule, but rather just “go with the flow” as all the stuck-up teachers say after they cancel an assignment on its due date.

Delicious Pokémon

Pokémon (Pokémons? Pokémen?) are well-known. While some cards are a bit ridiculous looking, a few cards look, in my opinion, delicious. Who wouldn’t like a plate of roasted Tepig or an Oddish salad? Here are a few Pokémon that I think look positively scrumptious. Of course, all of these delicious specimens are cat-friendly.

  • Torchic:

This would practically be a really hard to cook chicken. Despite the fact that it would take a Charizard to cook it, the meat would be nice and tender. The feet could be used in chicken noodle soup, seeing as they’re so big and have a fair amount of meat on them.

  • Pidgeotto

The Pidgeotto would taste good thanks to the strength of its wing muscles. It’s quite large, making it a leaner alternative to turkey.

  • Tauros

Tauros has muscles from running all day long. The tails could be rather good, but they’re probably too thin to be served alone.

  • Gyarados

Gyarados is a HUGE Pokémon. If served properly, this could be great in sushi or as a substitute for eel.

  • Sawsbuck

It has muscles and enough fat to make it a hearty meal. It closely resembles a deer, and can probably be served like one. Only issue is what to do with the leaves on its antlers.

  • Bunnelby

A Bunnelby is like a strong rabbit. The crunchy ears would probably be a delicacy, since they would have a good amount of muscles. I suspect the legs would be treated like drumsticks because of their shape. Like rabbit, it would probably be served in stews or just cooked in the oven.

  • Clauncher

This Pokémon is pretty much a lobster. The claw meat, according to the Pokédex, is a delicacy. Also, if a claw falls off, it’ll regenerate. Seems like an infinite source of food to me!

  • Barraskewda

Like the Gyarados, Barraskewda would be used as an eel substitute. Since the Pokémon is a fish and most likely has thinner bones, the whole creature could be eaten. The bone-like plating on its sides could be a nice addition to a soup, giving it a fishy flavor (if used properly, of course).