Assorted Sea Slug Facts

So you’ve made it through the entire sea slug series. Or you stumbled upon this and now you’re very confused. Well, I ran out of general sea slug facts, but I know quite a bit about the blue dragon sea slug, so… HERE’S A POST ABOUT THE SEA SLUGS THAT I DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT BUT FIND COOL!!

Fun fact #1 (the one before I go off on blue dragon sea slugs): there are two sacoglossan sea slug species (alliterationnn~) that can regrow their entire body from their head. Yes, even the vital organs. This whole regeneration process takes about 3 weeks, 2 weeks less than the amount of time it takes for 5 weeks to pass. These are the Elysia atroviridis and Elysia cf. marginata sea slugs; in case you want to do more research.


THE BLUE DRAGON SEA SLUG (GLAUCUS ATLANTICUS) IS A WEIRD ONE. The little dudes float upsy-downsy on the waves, like discarded plastic. But every once in a while, a jellyfish comes by and the sea slug latches on and consumes it whole. Its favorite jellyfishy is the Portuguese Man o’ War, which is deadly to hoomans. This jellyfish is commonly known as the blue sea taco by a total of two people.

Back to the dragon slugs though. They live in ocean basins mostly, but sometimes they wash up on coasts because they suck at swimming. They’re also teeny-tiny, growing up to only one and a half inches.

Also, I forgot to add this link to the general sea slug post, so here’s a funny video talking about nudibranchs: Click this link, it’s not a rickroll. Enjoy!

Annddd that’s all for the sea slugs, and probably this year unless I get bored.

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