New Spouses (Among Other Things)

Apparently not updating this blog leads to me getting more spouses as I now have three. ANYWAYS, not really sure what to do here seeing as this bitch (me, in case that wasn’t obvious) has an actual friend group now. Wow, it finally happened, I’m forming connections? Yes, yes it did in fact happen.

Another thing! My writing has become even more unreadable due to Engl*sh class. I either write like it’s an essay worth half my grade or like someone’s cat jumped on my keyboard and I’m desperately trying to justify the gibberish it spammed.

YET ANOTHER THING!!!!! I love sea slugs SO MUCH. They are amazing and I may just write about em, if I can be bothered.

I, uh, have another thing to share. Due to the whole “friend group” thing, I enjoy hanging out with my acquaintances more than typing out stuff on this blog. I may still update but eh, I’m having fun regardless. My ideas for what to post are currently: discord stuff, minecraft screenshots, and sea slug facts.

That concludes this update; have fun, eat healthy, yada yada.


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