Vellichor #11 (Modded Minecraft)

Let’s start where we left off (otherwise it would be a tad weird). I had just finished my task of murdering five generations of chickens, and now I had found some pixies.

It wasn’t long until I tracked down where their village was. Quite frankly, it was pathetic. The entire village, save for two blocks, was on top of water. The village as a whole was maybe twenty blocks in total, which looked even smaller as it was practically floating on the ocean. The hovels, or homes, were really cute though, so I made sure to steal them. As for the pixies, they were flying around and some even went to the nearby forest.

I then saw my screen flash pink for a second, but thanks to my bestiary obsession, I knew it must’ve been a siren. I quickly crafted earplugs, but by the time I put them in, I was already in the water. And… there was a sea serpent. It was just awful placement, really. I had my overpowered bow, so I shot the siren until it dropped dead, and ran away from the serpent. I came back three minutes later to get some pixies, and the sea serpent was nowhere to be seen. There were, however, a couple of shiny scales, no doubt loot from the siren.

I decided to mark down the coordinates of the pixie village for later, since I couldn’t see a single pixie that I could reach. I kept going through the dark oak forest until I heard a faint “hello”. Yet another village! I assumed this one would be small too, but it definitely wasn’t. There were at least ten pixies hovering around, probably more somewhere nearby. I got my jars, let them take paper out of my inventory so that they would come close enough for capturing, and I cut their population in half. It was awesome, despite almost dying when I leapt off a cliff to try to catch one.

Then I headed back to where I left my horse, Thyme, and the villager. I got there at midday, only to discover the villager had become a zombie. Thyme was alive, thankfully, but his companion was not. I would like to say I went to the village or made a small memorial, but I instead went home (just when you thought my apathy was going away).

I got maybe halfway home when I saw a dragon roost (For reference: a roost is above ground, a den is underground). I would usually stay away, but I didn’t see the dragon, so I left Thyme and went to check it out. It was bordering the coast, so I at least had a plan of escape. I saw the acacia village a few hundred blocks away, and I recognized it as the village closest to my home. I looted the roost quickly, then noticed a red blur in the trees. Fuck. I jumped into the ocean and hoped there wasn’t a sea serpent. For once, there actually wasn’t a serpent and things turned out alright.

I thought it would be a fantastic idea to shoot this thing that was three times my size and could breathe fire. It was, since the dragon didn’t notice me, but it could’ve ended badly, very badly. I mounted Thyme and kept shooting arrows at the fire dragon, and found that it was male, by its coloring (males have spots on their wings according to the bestiary). Then it started heading towards the village, straight for my base. I rode to catch up, but it flew a lot faster than Thyme could run. The dragon flew past my base. Let me rephrase: a fucking fire-breathing dragon that destroys shit and chars the rest flew not even a hundred blocks past my base.

It ended up in a forest and, inevitably, wiped out a bunch of trees. I left Thyme in a pool of water so he wouldn’t get burned, and I ran to the tree-tops. I kept shooting my arrows as the dragon sort of just set half the forest ablaze. Miraculously, I was only set on fire once. I kept firing my arrows at the creature and then I got an achievement: Dragonslayer. It was kind of sad because the dragon was very pretty, but hey, now I have cool loot.

I looked at it for a while, and then decided I should loot it. I punched it a couple times because I didn’t know where to click, but eventually I figured it out. I got some scales (that looked epic), a few dragon bones (also epic), and a heart (very epic). I set off to make tools, and found a use for wither bones. I made most of a set of red dragon armour, but I was short JUST ONE scale. I also made a pickaxe and decided to keep the rest of the dragon bones in case I needed them for something urgent.

All of that happened rather quickly (within maybe two hours of pure gameplay), but I’m really happy with where I ended up. Things keep dying around or because of me, and that’s absolutely fine.

Oh, and also, I’m going to be taking a brief hiatus for about a month or so. That means no posts until August at least.

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