Vellichor #9 (Modded Minecraft)

Somehow over a week has gone by and a lot has happened, true, but it doesn’t feel like it (I should probably make these shorter, but when have I ever listened to reason?).  So, starting off, I went to go get the hippocampus, this time with a saddle.

Right off the bat, I found my cockatrice wandering on the outskirts of the forest. I led him back home and named him Henry (Hen-ry, get it? Ah, I’m going insane). Despite having backtracked not five minutes into my journey, I pressed forward and got to the hippocampus. Admittedly, I did get lost in the jungle (multiple times), but I got there in the end.

I arrived to see that the hippocampus had not moved, and I put the saddle on it. It was ridiculously fast. As soon as its little leg-flipper-things hit the water, my frames sharply decreased. Thankfully, turning down my render distance helped. I got to a bay with some strange rock formations and left the hippocampus as I went to go see why there was a perfectly spherical mountain.

That was a mistake, but it didn’t kill me for once. It was a cyclops den, so I did what I did with the first one; burrowed under it and hit the cyclops from below. After a few minutes of wasting my diamond pickaxe’s durability, I got into a good spot and killed the beast. It dropped wool, mutton, and – drumroll please – a cyclops eye! It’s listed as a legendary weapon, but all it seems to do it weaken nearby mobs; neither legendary nor a weapon. I have to thank the ocean for this, seeing as it’s the only thing that stopped the cyclops from walking over and snapping my neck. For creatures that hate water so much they won’t go into it (even if it means killing me), their dens always seem to be right next to the ocean.

I then decided to head back to my hippocampus (who was laying down on the ground because I ordered it to sit), but I got distracted by some pretty ladies on a rock. Sirens. I was wearing earplugs on the off chance that I might run into them, so I didn’t get pulled in by their song. After much hesitation, I swam towards them to kill them but for some reason, they swam away after I returned to land. I then went after one of them and tried to kill it, unaware there was a huge sea serpent right next to it.

Somehow, I didn’t die, but I was permanently scarred. I struggled to get the hippocampus and myself out since the bugger wouldn’t leave. I ended up spending 30 minutes underground waiting for the serpent to leave. Eventually it did, but that half hour was boring as all heck. The trek back home was just as slow, probably because I was riding an aquatic creature on dry land. I feel like the hippocampus should’ve died from lack of water, but I’m not one to complain about the survival of my pets.

I did make it back home in one piece, and in that one piece, I decided to flatten a hill and use the dirt to expand my backyard. It took a while, but I planted some grass and flowers and it now looks somewhat natural. Using this extra space behind the house I was building (which will now be addressed as Big House), I made some animal pens. One pen for breeding animals, one for pets, and one pen embedded into the ground for pigs, my new food supply. In case you haven’t noticed the picture, Big House has become infested with chickens (sort of my fault but I just really like throwing eggs). 

I eventually got bored of feeding the pigs by hand because they eat A LOT, so I devised a plan. Due to the amazing Genetic Animals mod, most farm animals eat grass to satiate their hunger, so I put some grass blocks under the pen with a gap between the grass layer and dirt layer (where the pigs are). That way, the pigs can’t eat all of the grass, and the grass can still spread even if they eat all the grass available to them. After a lot of waiting for the grass to grow (yes, I watched it grow), I moved on to getting some chickens. I went to the nearby mountains and found three. One black, one fuzzy white, and one black chicken with a white head.

At this point, I’d had enough of farm work, so I set off to the nether. I gathered some warped fungus and placed it around my portal to repel the big boar things (hoglins? I think?). Anyways, I cleared the area around my nether portal, and through sheer determination, I got rid of a bunch of of those weird nether stem mushroom tree things. I went back for some cobblestone for a wall, and picked up a rotten egg. I threw it and a cockatrice chick hatched. I was really happy, and I decided to name her Moorhen (again with the puns).

I sat her down and went back to the nether to place the wall and to hopefully find a new biome. Good news, I made the wall. Bad news, I’m surrounded by lava lakes on all sides. I used some cobble to make a flimsy bridge across one of the smaller lakes, and I mined into the side of the cavern from there. I eventually came across an opening, but it was still in the crimson forest biome that I had spawned in. Then I noticed something. A pillar of nether brick. I had found a nether fortress by pure luck! I marked the spot and went back to my base with an inventory full of netherrack and fungi.

After all that happened within this one “day” I decided to log off and continue it later. So, due to my laziness, I have nothing else to say that’s Minecraft-related.

Happy Pride Month, and I hope y’all have been enjoying your summer.

Vellichor #8 (Modded Minecraft)

So, a lot has been happening and I didn’t post in over a month, but hey, I’m back and I have actually been playing in the meanwhile. So, previously, I had named a bunch of animals and I got two wonderful cockatrices. I also forgot to mention that I renamed the cows’ collars, so all of them have names now.

Starting off, I organized all of my items. It took a while, but I now have farm stuff next to the farm, stone and ores next to the mine, and an area for miscellaneous items. I also got overly excited about making a bestiary, so I ended up using all of the manuscripts on it. In case you don’t know, a bestiary is a sort of collection of facts about mythical creatures, and in the Ice and Fire mod, you can add more passages to it using manuscripts.

I went for a bit over to the swamp for, well, I actually have no idea, I probably just wanted to see what was in that direction. I ran all the way to the end of the swamp and kept going until I found another even further from home. I then saw some really pretty birds. They looked sort of like golden eagles except darker and sleeker. Being my extremely gullible self, I approached them and

was immediately met by a barrage of feathers in my face. It took me a full five minutes to kill one of them, at which point the flock dispersed, leaving me with seventeen stymphalian bird feathers (Apparently stymphalian birds are in Greek mythology, and are really hard to spell properly). That was not very fun, so I returned home to my bestiary.

After a few minutes of reading, I decided I wanted a pixie. I made a jar and set off towards the dark oak forest in search of the magical fairies (I realize there are some differences between pixies and fairies, but I’m going to use the terms interchangeably). However, I failed to read the part where it said they spawn in fairy villages and those are incredibly rare. Somehow, my brief quest to find a pixie turned into a long journey all the way to the ocean, over a thousand blocks away from home.

At this point, I decided to focus on exploring as much as possible and finding some loot to bring home. I found the village where I was killed by a fire dragon, but the dragon was nowhere to be seen. I waited until nighttime when fire dragons supposedly return to their dens, but it never arrived, so I looted the den. There was a lot of gold and cobwebs, but I did manage to procure two more manuscripts to aid my addiction. I don’t know why the loot was so bad, but I assume the designers wanted the dragon to be the main source so players couldn’t just burrow under the chests and get the loot that way (which is what I did for the cyclops).

I decided this meant the place was safe, so I double checked the village for any goods and stumbled upon a cyclops in a ravine. The guy was just chilling at the bottom, so I didn’t think twice when my cockatrice ran over to the side to stare at him (she wasn’t being weird, that’s one of her attacks). Due to her hyperactivity, she sort of… fell. It was going alright before that, but she got cocky (pun intended but regretted) and ran into the giant, gaping hole in the ground and died.

After that scarring event, I decided I had nothing left to live for and just swam into the open ocean. Miraculously, this was the one time a sea serpent wasn’t around. I continued swimming until I came to a weird palace/temple structure. There was creepy laughter coming from inside it, so I thought that it wouldn’t be the best idea to go inside. I ignored it and went into the ocean to get some kelp since I didn’t have any at home.

I then saw a cool sea horse looking creature. A hippocampus! I fed it as much kelp as I could until it was tamed and I got an achievement. It was quite deep in the water, so it took me a few minutes to lure it into a bay with more kelp. I also learned that when tamed, hippocampi don’t sit down or follow you like other tamed mobs. I ended up hollowing out an area for the hippocampus to stay until I got a saddle from home.

Taming a hippocampus made me feel a lot better about my cockatrice hen’s death, so I went home to get a saddle. I almost got roasted alive by a green fire dragon on the way back, but I managed to avoid it. Rather alarmingly, my male cockatrice, who I also brought along, went missing somewhere between me escaping the green dragon and reaching home. Before, this was just because the cockatrice refused to teleport after you reached a certain distance away from it, so I’m hoping to find him when I go back for the hippocampus.

This post was a lot longer than my previous ones, the reason being I was a bit preoccupied with school and tests, so I just waited until I had enough time and willpower to actually write. Also, I have no idea why I didn’t make proper titles to these posts, but I don’t think there’s any use changing the naming convention now.

Also, Happy Pride Month everyone!