Vellichor #7 (Modded Minecraft)

After last week’s terrible and deathly encounter with a Cyclops, I decided to take a more leisurely pace with the game. First, I obviously got my stuff back from the Cyclops lair and somehow managed to kill the overgrown goblin. Sadly, it didn’t drop anything, so I raided the village and got some hay bales (among other things).

The village also had a graveyard, which, unbeknownst to me, contained ghosts. See, the thing about ghosts is that they can just pop up anywhere, attack, then retreat back into the ground. After a few more spirit-related deaths, I managed to loot the graveyard and make it away with the items. Among several bones and two skulls, there was ectoplasm and manuscripts. I must be honest, I have absolutely no idea what either of those are for.

So, I was making my way back with hay bales, ghost-y items, and a whole bunch of wool, shears, and mutton (who knew Cyclopes loved sheep so much?), and decided on a name for my noble horse mount. His name was to be Sir Ginger Eddington the First. It’s a tad long, but so is my list of regrets.

When I came home, I immediately decided to take the adventuring down a Notch (see what I did there?). I started by giving my lovely cow a new collar. It was the pink one with a cyan gem that I bought from the villagers down south (or north? or west? I don’t even know anymore). I reached the animal pen and put it on her when I realized something. All the sheep were gone. They were nowhere to be found and the only creatures left were the cows. I was rather sad at first, but I’m really glad the cows didn’t despawn as well.

Aside from the unfortunate circumstances, I was happy to find you could ride cows thanks to the Genetic Animals mod. I obviously put the saddle that Sir Ginger used to wear onto the multicolored cow with the pink collar. I then realized you needed a bridle to ride animals and the only reason Sir Ginger didn’t need one was that horses weren’t yet included in the mod. So, I fashioned some leather into a bridle and took the cow for a ride. I decided to name her Daffodil.

I rode around my base for a while before venturing towards the sea. I found a pretty lagoon that flowed into the ocean, and thought that I could later make a small house there as a vacation home. Of course, when I went to mark it, I saw a purple sea serpent. In fact, this was so close to the spruce biome where I had died previously that I think that was the very same sea serpent as before.

Somewhat saddened, (story of my life) I went back home and checked in on my chickens. There were quite a few and I had racked up an alarming number of eggs. The animal mod made it so that each egg was different depending on the mother hen’s genetics, which meant they couldn’t stack. I also got a couple rotten eggs, which I figured were sterile, so I threw them.

Now, one of those eggs must’ve been life-bearing, as a tiny half-chicken, half-lizard creature popped out. A tiny, adorable, yellow and green hybrid. It was a cockatrice! I eagerly got it to follow me and I spent the next ten to twenty minutes lavishing it with attention. All of a sudden, it grew! A little, yellow chick turned into a large, menacing creature, and I was ecstatic. I rushed over to the hen house for the more eggs and lo and behold, was yet another rotten egg. I quickly threw it and this time a while and greenish-yellow chick came out.

I was so, absolutely, undeniably, happy that I got not one, but two cockatrices. I brought them around with me for the rest of the day and even made a small woolen nest for them. It looked rather pathetic, but at least I tried.

With my new companions, I started my mission to beautify my base. That included finally making a bridge to the hen house and connecting the animal pen to everything else. I really liked the texture and color of the river planks, so I used them, realized the trees were tiny, and planted a bunch of saplings. I ended up spending an outrageous amount of time rushing back and forth to harvest the small trees and place the planks.

It turned out well, and I even made some passages through the hills so I didn’t have to go around. All in all, I think today went rather well. Also, since I just love cockatrices, I though I’d put in their awesome withering stare attack. It definitely makes me feel a lot safe having them around.

Vellichor #6 (Modded Minecraft)

I haven’t posted in over a week, but don’t worry! I’m back and have done a lot of work in the world of Vellichor, starting with getting my favorite¬†animals collars. Since I had done a lot of breeding and I didn’t want to kill any of the original animals, I put the collars on them first. Then came my favorite; a female brownish-tan, splotched cow. She’s second generation,¬† but I still love her.

After doing this, I spend a long, long while chopping down trees in my little tree farming area. I only needed some birch for the second floor, but seeing as I had nothing better to do, I harvested the others as well. I got about 2 stacks of birch, spruce, and dark oak, so I don’t think I have to get more logs anytime soon. I also got really annoyed by the lake being too shallow for me to swim in, so I spent a harrowing hour deepening it. I’m quite happy with it, though I still need to make a bridge across to the hen house and also the animal pen on the other side of the mountain.

After being bored (and despite the fact this always ends badly), I went on an adventure. I plowed through the dark oak woods and ended up in a desert. It would have been great if I hadn’t already gotten all the sand I could possibly need. Still, I went further into it and found a pillager tower! Obviously, I ran straight in, destroyed the staircase so the pillagers could get in, looted the place, and jumped off the side. I almost died, but that’s what you do for shiny objects.

I kept going past the spire of doom, went into an acacia biome and found a village! There I procured several emeralds and two collars from villager trades. One was a pretty black with a turquoise sort of gem and the other was a bright pink with a more greenish gem. I headed back home with my findings and decided to drop them off.

I then headed in the opposite direction of the desert and acacia village, finding myself riding (more like stumbling) my horse through the woods. I eventually found the coast and another village. I was excited, then I saw wings and hid underground. Thankfully this dragon didn’t spot me and I waited until it left. It was nighttime and I was feeling adventurous so I set my spawn in a little hole I created and went to get some goodies.

The dragon was sleeping. Despite making tunnels and trying my best to outrun the other one, I never once thought to consider that it would sleep. After feeling incredibly stupid for that other time I went to face a fire dragon, I ran to the village when I noticed something on the side of the mountain. I ran over there after confirming there was no sea serpent or otherwise dangerous creature nearby. I was about to walk into what looked like a custom cave when a cyclops picked me up and took about half my health. I immediately ran to the ocean and jumped.

I was terrified but not persuaded to leave just yet. Like an absolute idiot, I dug a tunnel under the lair and poked holes under the chest so I’d get the loot. This worked for the chests until I got to the last one. I hopped up since it was a bit higher up and got grabbed. Unlike last time, I did not escape and I did not survive. So, yet again, I’m left to spend the next post trying to get my stuff back.