A Story is Told (Drprofporkchop Twitch Lore)

Hello! This is a post about a poem (and now also a discord server, made by yours truly) that me and a few of my online friends made for a small Twitch streamer. His twitch is Drprofporkchop, if you want to go check out his streams.

My friends and I met through his streams, and there we decided to make some lore. This lore was posted as a poem, made by Bear. The link is here if you want to see it: A Story is Told. Bear included me, Jazz, Carrot, Ted, Porkchop, and herself in the poem.

My friend Bear was nice to me from the start and we had talked (and set a bank on fire) before meeting again on Porkchop’s stream. She was always the first to compliment people, and I think she’s an absolute angel. Bear, the one who made this poem, placed herself as the ruler of the sky/End dimension.

Obviously, I was the ruler of hell (the nether in Minecraft) because of certain reasons. Those reasons include my habit to mention arson more so than the others, and lots of random statements usually to do with fire. I think it’s rather fitting actually.

Ted was considered the ruler of the earth/Overworld, probably because he was always wholesome and unerringly kind. We also sort of started a cult centered around summoning him (in our defense, it worked once). We chanted “dug” for about five minutes, then ted appeared in chat, so now whenever we want him to come, we start chanting again.

Somewhere along the way, we had a war, featuring aggressive compliments and paragraphs of flattery written by my friend Jazz. They wrote a paragraph for everyone who was talking in chat at the time, so they won the war without question. Together, we decided to try to crown Jazz as the supreme ruler of the world (jazz declined though), leading them to be the Ambassador in the poem.

Carrot was the “One who holds no title but is still held dear” in Bear’s poem, because they never claimed anything for themselves. Still, Carrot is awesome and they hang out with Bear, jazz, Ted, and I when we’re watching streams.

Last but most certainly not least, Porkchop (Drprofporkchop on Twitch) was “The Creator of the Universe“, mainly because he’s the streamer we watch and met through. He’s a really great guy and I would recommend checking out his streams as he has gained quite a cult following (five cults as of 4-25-21). Pork also insists that these cults are “rallies”, but we all know that’s not true.

That about sums up the poem. Again, I’d strongly recommend checking out Porkchop’s streams along with Bear’s poem (and her streams as well: CyanDiamonds).

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