Delicious Pokémon

Pokémon (Pokémons? Pokémen?) are well-known. While some cards are a bit ridiculous looking, a few cards look, in my opinion, delicious. Who wouldn’t like a plate of roasted Tepig or an Oddish salad? Here are a few Pokémon that I think look positively scrumptious. Of course, all of these delicious specimens are cat-friendly.

  • Torchic:

This would practically be a really hard to cook chicken. Despite the fact that it would take a Charizard to cook it, the meat would be nice and tender. The feet could be used in chicken noodle soup, seeing as they’re so big and have a fair amount of meat on them.

  • Pidgeotto

The Pidgeotto would taste good thanks to the strength of its wing muscles. It’s quite large, making it a leaner alternative to turkey.

  • Tauros

Tauros has muscles from running all day long. The tails could be rather good, but they’re probably too thin to be served alone.

  • Gyarados

Gyarados is a HUGE Pokémon. If served properly, this could be great in sushi or as a substitute for eel.

  • Sawsbuck

It has muscles and enough fat to make it a hearty meal. It closely resembles a deer, and can probably be served like one. Only issue is what to do with the leaves on its antlers.

  • Bunnelby

A Bunnelby is like a strong rabbit. The crunchy ears would probably be a delicacy, since they would have a good amount of muscles. I suspect the legs would be treated like drumsticks because of their shape. Like rabbit, it would probably be served in stews or just cooked in the oven.

  • Clauncher

This Pokémon is pretty much a lobster. The claw meat, according to the Pokédex, is a delicacy. Also, if a claw falls off, it’ll regenerate. Seems like an infinite source of food to me!

  • Barraskewda

Like the Gyarados, Barraskewda would be used as an eel substitute. Since the Pokémon is a fish and most likely has thinner bones, the whole creature could be eaten. The bone-like plating on its sides could be a nice addition to a soup, giving it a fishy flavor (if used properly, of course).