Days of Fun (Full)

Today was different than other days. I usually wake up a bit late, around 8:00 or so. But I decided to sleep on the couch so Poet would hopefully wake me up a bit earlier. I thought, cats sleep most of the day, so Poet will start to sleep and wake up at around 7. It went well, except for that it didn’t. I got a pillow and a blanket, arranged them so I could get comfortable, then I realized I should probably get my glasses and an alarm clock (just in case). I went into my room, got them with no problems whatsoever. I started to make my way back, and huh, Poet was already laying down on my blanket. I nudged her and she got up, stretched, and proceeded to lay down in the same place. Trying my best not to disturb her, I took half of my blanket, she took the other half. Of course, now that I was there, she wanted to move. Perfect, I have the blanket all to myself, I thought, elated. But no, she had to go over to me and plop her furry self on my chest. I tried to move a bit and she settled for sleeping right next to my chest, thankfully not on it. This is all well and good, but I sleep on my side. Turning one way would squish her, turning the other way would cause her to move. I settled for sleeping on my back, even though it would take a while to fall asleep that way.  My first waking was at 2:00 in the morning (I looked at my alarm clock). Poet had got up to stretch, but as soon as I began to get up, she curled up near my feet. I fell asleep again, only to wake up three hours later as my dad entered the living room. Working from home, he had calls with his colleagues every day. I noticed Poet was gone, so I got up and went to find her. She was on her scratcher, happily shredding the cardboard to bits. I was really bored at this point. I couldn’t play games in my room because my brother was still asleep, and I couldn’t make breakfast because everyone was either sleeping or too busy to talk about food. So, I gave Poet some food, got her harness, and went outside with her. Being 5:45-ish, there wasn’t anybody outside. Poet lead me across the road as she gave all the birds her death stare. All of a sudden, she got down near the sidewalk and crept forward slowly. I couldn’t see past the cars, so, naturally, I picked her up and moved her to the sidewalk, giving me a good view. Behold, a rabbit. There was a plump rabbit who apparently plopped themselves down in the middle of the sidewalk. Sadly, I left my phone in my room the night before, so I couldn’t take a picture. Poet tried to slowly approach it, but I stopped her. I scooped her up and lead her back to our home. She didn’t like this one bit. Halfway there, she started meowing so I let her down. She immediately began to walk towards a short trail near our apartment. Reluctantly, I followed. We walked for a bit, reaching the pond at the end. Poet sniffed around, dipped her paw in the pond, and started on her way back. We reached the front of our house and I carried her in (she wouldn’t go in on her own). We were gone for over an hour. Now, it was past 7:00 and my mom had woken up. I organized my stuff, ate some breakfast, and started reading. “Stop it!” I heard from behind me. My brother was awake, a little to my disappointment. He said that turning the pages of my book was too loud and that I should go to the living room. I did, but I was greeted by, “Go play with Poet”. The thing about playing with Poet, though, was that you’re the one running around as she takes some choice opportunities to try tripping you. I took Poet, plopped her down in front of her toys (mostly sticks we cleaned), and allowed her to choose. She, obviously, chose a thin stick that used to be long but was snapped in two. I tried it out. To walk with it, I had to be slightly bent over, but it was fine as long as I watched out for my head. I started moving the stick along the floor in an S pattern. She crept toward it and began to chew the end. Great, I thought, she actually wants to play. I ran around, keeping the stick behind me as Poet chased it. I was going to my parents’ room when I noticed Poet wasn’t behind me. I decided to keep going in case I just couldn’t see her. As I walked through the doorway, “BAM!” Poet latched onto my sock from around the corner. I didn’t trip, but I was quite shocked. Poet, however, didn’t seem affected. She just passively tapped the stick as if to say, “Keep going, I want to play.” I kept playing with her, making use her little tunnel as a small obstacle. Eventually, the playing descended into her staring at the toy as I moved it around in different ways. I got bored of running around with a stick, so I put it  away and put Poet in her enclosure outside. Nothing else really eventful happened, I just played with Poet a lot and lead her on lots of walks. It must’ve been fun for her to be able to order me around. “Meow, do this. Meow, do that.”


Sorry for the long post, got carried away. Also, the pictures in this post are just somewhat related to what I’m explaining. I don’t have any pictures of Poet from today, the ones included are from an earlier date.

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